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Dental Bridge


Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are a conventional method of replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges can be generally categorized into three categories:

  1. Removable Bridges
  2. Fixed Bridges
  3. Hybrid Bridges (With dental implants only)

Removable Bridges

Removable Bridges can replace a single tooth or it can replace multiple numbers of missing teeth in an arch. The removable bridges are also referred to as Removable Partial Dentures. All removable bridges are designed to take advantage of the other teeth in the same arch as well as the supporting tissue to gain its retention.

For example a common removable bridges is a single tooth removable retainer that is commonly referred to as a “ Flipper”. Removable bridges come in all shapes and sizes but they are typically made of an acrylic, metal or a combination of the two.

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The biggest advantage of a removable dental bridge compared to other forms of teeth replacement therapies is the cost.


There are more disadvantages associated with a removable dental bridge that the cost being an advantage. Thus, removable dental bridges have lost its popularity over time as a permanent form of teeth replacement.

  1. Feeling Awkward and Foreign
  2. Impaired Speech
  3. Difficulty eating
  4. Consistently moving causing irritation to the surrounding area
  5. Damaging teeth that are anchored over time
  6. Creating bone loss in the areas where it is completely tissue supported
  7. Additional cost of maintainace for relines
  8. Limitation on esthetics
  9. The need to remove and clean after every meal


Your dentist will be the best person to evaluate your need as if you will be a good candidate for a removable dental bridge

Fixed Bridges

Before dental implants became popular and more predictable form of a tooth replacement, fixed dental bridges were number one choice among those qualified patients who did not want to have something removable in their mouths. A fixed bridge uses the remaining teeth in an arch as a foundation or an abutment. Generally the adjacent teeth in an arch are trimmed down and a fixed bridge is permanently cemented on the prepared teeth.

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The biggest advantage offered by a fixed dental bridge compared to a removable bridge is the fact that the bridge does not move and is permanently fixed. This will allow patients the extra comfort and peace of mind that their bridge does not come out or fall out during chewing or speaking. There are also other advantages:

  1. Highly Natural and Esthetic resembling the missing tooth
  2. Functions very similar to a natural tooth
  3. No need to take out rinse and place back in after every meal


  1. The bridge can only be constructed where there are adjacent teeth present
  2. The adjacent teeth has to be trimmed down to accommodate new crowns supporting the false tooth ( Pontic ). This can be a disadvantage if the adjacent teeth are intact but not so much of a disadvantage if the adjacent teeth have large fillings or require a crown for strength.
  3. The dental bridge is dependent on the adjacent teeth ( abutments ) for support. Thus the abutments must be free from any periodontal bone loss or mobility that can affect the long-term prognosis of the bridge.
  4. Difficult to clean fixed dental bridges as it is not easy to floss them. This can result in accumulation of food and bacteria causing eventual decay of the dental abutments requiring replacement of the bridge. Also when the food is not cleaned out properly, it will lead to halitosis ( bad breath ).
  5. High incident of decay and bridge failure after 5 years.
  6. Higher cost than a removable dental bridge and sometimes higher cost than a single dental implant.

Hybrid Bridges:

A hybrid dental bridge is a combination of a fixed dental bridge and also a removable one. These types of prosthesis became a popular method of teeth replacement in the recent years due to higher success rates achieved with dental implants. These dental bridges can only be fabricated over dental implants where they are screwed in place to the dental implant body. The screws then are tightened, hence creating a fixed dental bridge and can be easily removed by unscrewing the screws by a qualified dentist. The hybrid dental bridges are the optimum teeth replacement where patient requires dental implants.


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