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Does computer technology have a place in dental implant placement?

Computer-aided systems may be used to help accurately place implants. Planning can also be done using these systems. Some computer systems (example SIMPLANT) also allow for guides to be made to help the surgeon (Figure 17). The majority of computer systems require information from a CT scan of your jaws.

  implant placement implant placement  
  Figure 17:CT scans (left) are used to guide the construction of highly accurate surgical guides (right) for use in implant placements  

How do these systems help your dentist?

The systems can help your dentist look at the amount of bone available for the implants, often from a 3D point of view. In addition, many of these allow for planning of the implant position and angulation. Some will even facilitate the construction of teeth over the implant.

Should these be used in every situation?

Although most patients will benefit from this, not every situation requires computer-aided implant placement. The benefits of accurate implant placement have to be weighed against the cost and added inconvenience of taking a CT scan. Your dentist should be able to advise you on the need for such software.



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